The complexity of Orestilla 2021

Immagine per la news The complexity of Orestilla 2021 - Azienda Agricola Montonale

Our Lugana Orestilla , elected in 2017 by the English magazine Decanter best single-varietal white wine in the world, in the year 2021 - the best of the twenty years in our vineyards - will present itself to its admirers with notes even more complex and intriguing.

"This year the perfect balance of the Turbiana grapes from the Orestilla vineyard, located behind our winery, convinced us to dare in the vinification phase", says the oenologist and co-owner Roberto Girelli . "We usually keep the pulp in contact with the must for about ten days in steel tanks, but with such perfect grapes we have extended the maceration to a month and a half".

The choice promises to "amplify" the personality of Orestilla 2021. "With this oenological trick we value the aromatic components of the pulp, and we expect a wine with even more complex and various aromas ; a Lugana that speaks to us even more strongly about its territory ", continues Girelli.

The enhancement of the union between land and grape therefore continues through research, helped by a happy harvest. The result will be in the glass in the summer of 2023: only time will give us the answer, but in the meantime the premise is more than encouraging.

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