"Le Evoluzioni", il Lugana in verticale

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From April 26 you will find Le Evoluzioni at our wine shop, limited edition wooden crates with three bottles of Montunal, our classic Lugana, or Orestilla, the single variety world champion Lugana produced in a limited quantity.

Le Evoluzioni are mini-vertical tastings with bottles of vintages now unavailable.
For Montunal, these are 2017, 2018 and 2019; Orestilla is instead proposed in the 2016, 2017 and 2018 vintages.

The tasting, from the youngest to the most mature vintage, takes you on a journey of the senses on the Lugana route, where you can meet the many facets of a wine that is too often consumed in vintage, while over time it reveals pleasantly unexpected sides.
This is thanks to the combination of the indigenous Turbiana vine and the calcareous soil, rich in minerals; thanks also to skilful touches in the cellar, one above all the use of only free-run must.

Le Evoluzioni will be a welcome gift, or an experience of pure self-gratification: imagine them at a dinner with friends, with dishes to be enjoyed "in crescendo", just as the authority they reveal over time is developing gradually.

The dear departed Luigi Veronelli, top gastronome and wine critic, had understood the possibilities of Lugana when he wrote: “Drink your Lugana in its youth and you will enjoy its freshness. Drink it after two or three years and you will enjoy its completeness. Drink it of ten years old, you will be amazed by its composed authority. Lugana wines have an extraordinary ability to be recognized, a rare feature in wines. You taste a Lugana and, if you are a good taster, you cannot forget it”.

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